Welcome– My name is Bram de Vos.

The common thread in my work is to provide answers to the 'pain' that cities face. This is a mix of compex questions about climate / a growing population / the (in)equalities in our societies / energy / and logistics to name a few.

I see these issues as being part of a transition. At the moment municipalities and governments have many questions about them, but the answers are still missing. A lot is being invented to find solutions, but there is still no Master Plan. 

That is where my interests and strength lie– to be the bridge between the worlds of new abstract ideas and where 'the questions lie'. I design the overarching plan, where multiple disciplines work together for new possibilities: a Master Plan which has answers for the future. Focusing on the freyed edges between the borders of the city and the borders of the surrounding landscape. 

A good example of such a plan is my project 02. Uprooting Agro-Systems, where I redesigned the Waterland around Amsterdam into a large productive agricultural landscape by combining three agricultural techniques and involving the inhabitants and farmers.

But I cannot do this alone. I am looking for:
  • governments
  • municipalities
  • investors
  • scientists
  • and architects amongst others who want to sit around the table with me and find solutions for the ambitions and bottlenecks in these issues. From there, collaborations and projects can arise that can bring us a step closer to the big urban challenges.

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