[Fig.1] Maquettes of space efficient and sustainable agricultural spaces possible within a city.

• community building
• local food chain
• urban farming

• small-scale urban farming
Local food production can make a city more resilient and create space for social interaction between all kinds of backgrounds and cultures, leading to a stronger sense of community. We aim to showcase a variety of proposals on how to bring agriculture and the city closer together with a focus on alternative agricultural approaches that are space-efficient, ecologically valuable, and sustainable. We also discuss the role of animals within a circular food system. Everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute to creating a vision of a self-sustaining city

A project by Bram de Vos, the continuation of 02. Uprooting Agro-Sytstems. In collaboration with Jonas Görgen.

[Fig.2] Bram de Vos placing green areas around the city.