[Fig.1] Map of Wielewaal, Eindhoven and surrounding area.

• urban farming
• local food chain
• community building
• vertical farming
• food forest
• syntropic farming

Local food production can make a city more resilient and independent. It will create space for social interaction between all kinds of backgrounds and cultures, leading to a stronger sense of community.

Following the blueprints of 02. Uprooting Agro-Systems, we aim to showcase a variety of proposals on how to bring agriculture and the city closer together with a focus on alternative agricultural approaches that are space-efficient, ecologically valuable, and sustainable. Including the role of animals within a circular food system. Everyone is encouraged to participate and to contribute to creating a vision of a self-sustaining environment.

The map is visualizing the recently acquired Wielewaal area, 142 ha, in Eindhoven. A great opportunity for Eindhoven to rethink it’s green space that could fulfill a variety of different purposes. One doesn’t have to exclude the other. Together we can build a layered story and propose to Eindhoven.

In collaboration with Jonas Görgen.