[Fig.1] Graph envisioning focus areas for the Oostwold project.

• water management
• solar energy
• sustainable farming
• community building

The focus is on a production landscape that combines different ways of agriculture, water management and solar energy. We envision a circular area development, where education, functions for the neighborhood and production come together. The main goal is to include the cooperation and interests of Oostwold and its surroundings in the design.

The phase we have now reached is the development of the 6 typologies into models. This will make it easier for us to enter into discussion with interested parties in the area. By having it visual and tangible, the communication and imagination is easier to understand. We hope this will make the conversations richer, where we can jointly come up with interesting plans, to make it a pleasant and valuable development for everyone.

[Fig.2-4] Topologies suggested to be implemented in Oostwold, in collaboration with the community. 
[Fig.5] Aerial view of Oostwold agricultural area.