[Fig.1] Maquette of the Tilburg Textile Museum with vertical hemp farms on the roof.

• circular textile
• local agriculture chain
• vertical farming

The whole textile industry starts with planting a beautiful complex seed. A quite simple process planting a seed, but we as humans made it amazingly hard for ourselves. Since 1995 companies can have there patent on seeds, on Genetically Modified seeds. Monsanto is world leading in the Bt-cotton seed. In more then 20 years they have harmed ecosystems and humans so badly with there Roundup pesticide. They have devastated a large part of world.

So what can we do about this? In my Utopian idea I see vertical farming as the key for our agriculture future. It is a tool, in the tool you have a modern nature. A system that exist for a few years now, but hasn’t foun it’s potential yet. The great thing about it is that you can place it anywhere, you can grow plants anywhere. Tilburg could be covered with vertical farming, on rooftops, or in abandoned buildings. In these farms you can plant hemp for example, a material that used to be in our culture, we can bring that back to make textile again. We can start again working local but way more efficient then how we used to do it and restore nature to its fullest.

[Fig.2] Floorplan of Tilburg Textile Museum.