Graduation show DAE, January 2020. (Photo by Ronald Smits)

A strong urbanisation growth is asking for new systems 
With increasing urbanisation, finding a way for cities to feed themselves is a big win, easing pressure on the global food chain. So could a city like Amsterdam become agriculturally self-sufficient in the future? Bram de Vos thinks so. With ‘Uprooting Agro-Systems’, he proposes a combination of three agricultural methods. There’s vertical farming, which is useful to guarantee year-round produce, while a food forest offers more variety, despite seasonal limitations. And lastly, there’s syntropic farming: an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to monoculture that involves planting mutually beneficial crops alongside each other without impacting the environment. Together, the pros and cons of each are balanced for the best results.

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Graduation show DAE, January 2020. (Photo by Marleen Stoker)

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